India Marches for Animal Liberation: Sun, May 31, 2015

On Sunday, May 31, 2015, which is the very next day after this month’s vegan potluck (on May 30), Bengaluru is participating as one of the cities in a nation-wide march titled “India Marches for Animal Liberation”.

Date: Sunday, May 31, 2015
Time: 5 p.m.

The lifelong slavery and other atrocities inflicted on more than a trillion animals every year are unnecessary and inexcusable. But since speciesism is deeply ingrained, many people are still unmindful of what goes on. It’s our responsibility to raise this effectively and repeatedly, bringing animal liberation more prominently into the public consciousness. To that end, a march is scheduled to be carried out simultaneously in various cities in India on Sunday, May 31.

An event is only as effective as its participants make it. So let us come out in large numbers to join the march and achieve a huge impact for the animals. The cities that have already confirmed and the respective coordinators are mentioned below.

You are also requested, if you are definitely joining, to share your name and contact info through this form (they may help in coordination). We need accurate counts in order to get the requisite permissions from the authorities for this peaceful march. Also please share this with your vegan and aspiring vegan friends across India so that they too may join the march. The location, route and timings (around 5 p.m.) in each city will be decided and shared shortly.

Participating cities and coordinators (names of coordinators from Facebook; others details of the city coordinators will be updated very soon):

  • Delhi : Varun Virlan or Sindhu
  • Hyderabad: Sindhu, Sowmya
  • Bangalore: Bindu S, Ashraf, Abhay, Milesh
  • Chennai: Aishwarrya, Richard Roy
  • Pune: Aruna Kapoor, Aishwarya Viswanath
  • Jammu: Malvika Kalra
  • Mumbai: Brinda, Amul
  • Varanasi: Ayushi Singh
  • Guwahati: Pious Jughead
  • Raipur: Trijya Tuli
  • Udaipur: Ashutosh Mehta

National coordinators: Sindhu, Aruna, Pulkit

Why nationwide?
We would like to get the attention of people and the media to increase awareness in a way that’s not generally possible by small groups of people working in various parts of the country.

Media and general inquiries
If you’re a media person and need more information or would like to cover this event, please write to us at Anyone else interested in joining this event may also write to this address for information and guidance.

Facebook event page: India Marches for Animal Liberation event – Sun, May 31, 2015

India Against Speciesism (IAS) blog

Sunday 24 February: Vegan Fair

Sunday 24 February: Vegan Fair

These are some of the goodies you can find at the Vegan Fair:

Millie’s Gourmet Cashew Cheeses – Plain, Garlic, Herbed

Arun (full proceeds from this table will be donated to Samabhava) -Peanut Curd Rice, Chocolate Kaju Katlis

Sudha – Khara Paddus and Kothmiri Thokku (Cilantro Pickle)

Krishna and Chef Anantha of Carrots Vegan Restaurant – Carrot & Raisin Salad with choice of dressing (Date Syrup Dressing or Vinegar Dressing), Vegetable Paella, Mixed Nuts Burfi, Chocolate Truffles

Sharmila – Plain Chocolate, Crackle Chocolate, Sugar Caramel Chocolate, Dry Fruit Chocolate

Chaitali at Taantraa’s Innovative, Healthy, Multi-Grain Cupcakes – Aromatic Orange Almond (gluten free), Earthy Moong Dal, Best Friends Banana Walnut, Rabbity Carrot, Exotic Coffee Chocolate

Sowmya of Paradigm Shift Vegan Café – Red Velvet Cupcakes, Ferrero Rocher Cake, Butterscotch Cake, Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, Tofu Scramble Sandwiches, Stir Fried Tofu

Vinay – Cashew Mylk Beverage

Susmitha – Cinnamon Buns

Additionally, products like Coconut Butter, Quinoa and Vegan Jewellery will be sold.

Food Photos from the Vegan Buffet at In The Pink

Vegan Buffet at In The Pink, Sat August 11th 2012.

Thanks to Aparna, Paneesh, Chef Joydeb and the staff of In The Pink for making this Vegan Bangalore event happen. The delicious and large spread was thoroughly enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike.

We’re looking forward to having another vegan buffet at In The Pink very soon. Until then, if anyone would like to taste these delicious 100% vegan goodies, In The Pink will be willing to make them for you with some advance notice.

My personal favourite this time was the Spinach Croquet! Highly recommended.:)

Spinach Croquet
Spinach Croquet

Fresh Tart
Fresh Tart

My plate full of food – Vegetable Pulao, Arrabiata Sauce, Peanut Yogurt Raita, Peanut Curd Rice, Pumpkin Ravioli, Spinach Croquet, Fresh Tart, Cutlet, Sliced Veggies, Chickpeas Salad, Peanut Cucumber Salad, Beetroot and Carrot Kosumbari
Salads, Starters and Main Course

Chocolate Truffle
Chocolate Truffle


Mango Panna Cotta
Mango Panna Cotta

Fruit Salad in Vanilla Custard
Fruit Salad in Vanilla Custard

Looking for Vegan Recipes?

Welcome to Vegan Bengaluru!:)

For those of you who have found us via the article ‘Baubles With a Conscience’ on The New Sunday Express Magazine of 24th June 2012, this blog belongs to the Vegan Bengaluru group.

The Vegan Recipes which have been promised in the article can be found on the Veganosaurus blog.

Vegan afternoons at a Fine Dining Restaurant

A few weeks ago, the European cuisine restaurant Graze, at Vivanta by Taj (aka Taj Residency) hosted Vegan Demo and Lunch events on two consecutive Saturdays with the help of FIAPO and Vegan Bengaluru members. Both events were successful and the food was enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike. Here are a few snapshots I captured at the events.

And here are a couple of videos:

Shaping Gnocchi

Making Chocolate Mousse

If you’d like to read about these events in more detail – First vegan demo/lunch on 28th April and Second vegan demo/lunch on 5th May.

Vegan Bengaluru Potluck – Sat 25th February 2012

This month, the Vegan Bengaluru Potluck will be at Cubbon Park on Saturday, 25th February 2012. At 1pm, we will meet at the Victoria Statue near the Bal Bhavan entrance of Cubbon Park and then move to the lawn behind the statue (across the road from the cricket stadium). We will wait until 1:30 for people to arrive, settle in and chat with each other and then share lunch together.

Here’s some information about the Vegan Bengaluru potlucks:

1. *All* are welcome! You don’t necessarily have to be vegan to attend the potluck event. Even if you’re just curious about a vegan lifestyle or interested to learn about veganism you can join us.

2. You *MUST* bring a 100% vegan dish to share. Everyone brings something so it won’t be fair if you walk in empty handed.

3. It would be nice if you bring a vegan dish that is prepared by yourself; however, if you are unable to cook then feel free to carry food which you have purchased.

4. If you’ve purchased the food, then make sure there’s an ingredients list on the package so we can be assured that it is vegan. Particularly if you’re a first time attendee who is not vegan, please don’t expect us to take your word for it that the food you’ve purchased is completely vegan.

5. If you’re unsure about what to bring then the best bet is fresh fruits or fruit juices. Everyone appreciates fruits.

6. Please bring plates, bowls, forks, spoons, serving spoons, and glasses for yourself. Everyone brings their own.

7. Come, relax, and enjoy the food and conversation!

Looking forward to meeting everyone.

– The Vegan Bengaluru Team

All things vegan in namma Bengaluru


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